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Re: [dvd-discuss] Bunner wins DeCSS trade secret appeal

Technically, I think most of us would call DVD programs microcode rather 
than a program but let's not let Congress loose on trying to regulate or 
define it! Similarly, the motion prediction algorithms etc in MPEG are 
also a form of program (microcode) since I believe they can be changed. In 
some sense, Congress in their wisdom (or perhaps otherwise) stated "if it 
isused by a computer. It's a program." which is what von Neumann 
recognized decades ago.

Noah silva <nsilva@atari-source.com>
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11/05/01 09:51 AM
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> 2. Can you give an example of any computer program that is not, when it 
is run,
> data that is interpreted by (another) computer program?

Depends on what you mean "interpreted".  Most modern OSs process the
executables in some way, but the native code for a compiled program still
essentially runs on the hardware.  You could argue that most modern
processors use microcode, etc., so it it another program....

  -- noah silva