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Re: [dvd-discuss] News on 2600 vs MPAA?

Here are the latest docket entries:

Docket as of October 16, 2001 1:32 am               Page 13   

Proceedings include all events.
00-9185  Universal City, et al v. Reimerdes, et al

6/4/01           Order FILED GRANTING  motion to file supplemental
                 papers(exhibits w/letter brief) [1861789-1] by Appellant
                 Eric Corley, 2600 Enterprises, endorsed on motion form
                 dated 5/30/01. Before: JON, JAC, C. JJ., AWT, D.J.(BJM)

6/4/01           Notice to counsel re: Granted motion to file exhibits with
                 supplemental letter brief. (cv74)

6/5/01           Appellee Universal City, Appellee Paramount, Appellee
                 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Appellee Tristar Pictures, Appellee
                 Columbia Pictures, Appellee Time Warner Entertai, Appellee
                 Disney Enterprises, Appellee Twentieth Century affidavit in
                 opposition to motion to file supplemental papers
                 [1861789-1] filed (w/pfs). (cv74)

8/22/01          Copy of district court order dated 8/17/01 endorsed by Hon.
                 Lewis A Kaplan, USDJ RECEIVED. [00-9185] (cv72)

10/5/01          Letter dated 10/2/01 from Kathleen Sullivan re: change of
                 attorney received. (cv72)


I believe Kaplan's 8/17/01 district court order is the one where he made 
two word changes in his opinion. Perhaps he will make a few more
now that CA CA has provided inspiration.

Wonder what Kaplan thinks of his argument that DeCSS threatens
US economic and thereby national security. What does Jon Johanssen
think? What do Norwegian prosecutors think? Valenti, Hilary Rosen?
Who's got the urgently revised agenda for the upcoming Copy Protection 

Now that the PI has been reversed we've restored Hoy's famous
reply that includes alleged CSS source code as an exhibit. DVDCCA 
cited the PI as grounds for our ISP to threaten us with shutdown 
unless the trademarked material was removed:


Loud applause for Allonn Levy and Robin Gross who were there
first, trying to get a word in with cut-em-off Lew.