Fellowship Program: Jobs: Open Call for Fellowship Applications for 2018-2019

Job Details

Category: Fellowship

Application Deadline: 03/02/2018 11:59 PM ET

Application materials that will be uploaded into the system:

  • Resume or CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Writing Sample

2 reference(s) are required for this position.


This is the application page for the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society's 2018-2019 Open Call for Fellowship Applications.

More about the Open Call may be found here:

Instructions for using the Application Tracker may be found here:

Required Application Materials

(1.) A current resume or C.V.

(2.) A personal statement that responds to the following two questions. Each response should be between 250-500 words.

What is the research you propose to conduct during a fellowship year? Please:
  • describe the problems are you trying to solve;
  • outline the methods which might inform your research; and
  • tell us about the public interest and/or the communities you aim to serve through your work.
Why is the Berkman Klein Center the right place for you to do this work? Please share thoughts on:
  • how the opportunity to engage colleagues from different backgrounds -- with a range of experiences and training in disciplines unfamiliar to you -- might stimulate your work;
  • which perspectives you might seek out to help you fill in underdeveloped areas of your research;
  • what kinds of topics and skills you seek to learn with the Center that are outside of your primary research focus and expertise; and
  • the skills, connections, and insights you are uniquely suited to contribute to the Center’s community and activities.

(3.) A copy of a recent publication or an example of relevant work. For a written document, for instance, it should be on the order of a paper or chapter - not an entire book or dissertation - and should be in English.

(4.) Two letters of recommendation, sent directly from the reference.

Applicants will submit their resume/C.V., their personal statement, and their work sample as uploads within the Berkman Klein Application Tracker. Applicants should ensure that their names are included on each page of their application materials.

Recommendation letters will be captured through the Application Tracker, and will require applicants to submit the names and contact information for references in advance of the application deadline. References will receive a link at which they can upload their letters. We recommend that applicants create their profiles and submit reference information in the Application Tracker as soon as they know they are going to apply and have identified their references - this step will not require other fellowship application materials to be submitted at that time.