April, 1998

To: Conference Participants
Re: Digital China/Harvard Feedback Memo

First let me thank you for attending the Digital/China Harvard event this past March. I hope you were as dazzled as I was by the movie and discussions. I learned a great deal through your comments. For those who were unable to attend the Digital China/Harvard discussions (and those who were), transcripts of both sessions will soon be posted at this site. I hope you will visit this site to interact with each other and contribute to its development.

As you know, the conference was intended not as one event in and of itself, but as a means to ignite the potential of the Internet as an educational tool. In order to stoke the fire, feedback from each participant is crucial.

If you can take a moment now, let me know your thoughts on the following: which parts you most enjoyed, which you didn't, what you wish you had said, what you wish I had said, where you disagreed with the comments of others. I can be reached via email at nesson@law.harvard.edu; my assistant, Sarah Hancur, can be reached at hancur@law.harvard.edu.

I also hope to gain your perspective on how we might develop the Digital China/Harvard web site. Where do you see its richest potential and how might we realize it? In what ways are you most skeptical? What parts of our vision are unclear?

Your thoughts and criticisms are most valuable and appreciated. Please indicate in your response whether it can be shared, and if so, whether you would prefer your posting to be anonymous, pseudonymous, or signed.

I thank you in advance for your contribution, and look forward to your continued input as the Digital China/Harvard project unfolds.

Charles Nesson
Director, Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Harvard Law School