Dec 1 2009 12:30pm to Dec 1 2009 12:30pm

Berkman Klein Luncheon Series

Teaching Teens to Twitter: Supporting Engagement in the College Classroom

Rey Junco, Associate Professor and the Director of Disability Services in the Department of Academic Development and Counseling at Lock Haven University

Recent research has shown that social media use is correlated with indices of student engagement. While a relationship exists, no research has been conducted to elucidate the causal connection, if any, between engagement in social media spaces and engagement in the real world. This talk will outline an experimental study, currently underway, that assesses whether first-year college students’ use of Twitter affects student engagement and success.

Nov 30 2009 12:30pm to Nov 30 2009 12:30pm

Law Lab Speaker Series

The Social Efficiency of Fairness

Marshall Van Alstyne, Associate Professor at Boston University and Research Scientist at MIT

Property rights provide incentives to create information but they also provide incentives to hoard it prior to the award of protection. Marshall Van Alstyne will propose a solution, based on a reward definition of "fairness," that unblocks innovation by increasing willingness to share private information.

Upcoming Events and Digital Media Roundup

Next week: Law Lab Speaker Series: "The Social Efficiency of Fairness" with Marshall van Alstyne; Berkman Center Luncheon Series: "Teaching Teens to Twitter: Supporting Engagement in the College Classroom" with Rey Junco; and Harvard-MIT-Yale Cyberscholar Working Group with Berkman Fellow Donnie Hao Dong and David Singh Grewal, Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows. Plus, Andrew McAfee will talk about his new book -- "Enterprise 2.0" -- on December 7th.

Nov 24 2009 12:30pm to Nov 24 2009 12:30pm

Berkman Klein Luncheon Series

#iranelection: The digital media response to the 2009 Iranian election

Cameran Ashraf, Adjunct Faculty member in the Department of Geography and Anthropology at California State University, Pomona & Brett Solomon, recently Campaign Director at and Executive Director at

With Iran as a case study, this presentation will explore the role new communication technologies are playing in the post-election unrest, how people outside of Iran are helping through digital media, and the Iranian government's efforts at maintaining its information border.