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Dear XXXX!

We hope you are fine. We are very happy to write you to update you on the preparations of the workshop "Understanding the new wave of social cooperation: Triangulation of Arab revolutions, European mobilizations and American occupy movement" hosted at Berkman center of Internet and society (Harvard University), and organized in cooperation with the Council for European Studies (CES) European Social Movements research network and other Boston-based groups working in the area. The workshop will take place in March 21st 2012 from 9 am to 6 pm and then a dinner.

The organization is going very well and we are very excited about the very rich group of people coming from around the world and connected to Arab Spring, European Mobilizations and OWS that will gather in the workshop!!!.

We created a wiki for the event. In the wiki you could find all the information related to the workshop (other participants, program, practicalities, etc.). Feel free to use the wiki also to coordinate with others.

In order to further shape the sessions on the base of participants interest, facilitate networking and exchange between the participants and create together a useful systematization of materials in the area; we included at the wiki a box of each of the participants. Please add or check in yours your affiliation, main interest and triggering research questions, and links to related work you would like to share with the others participants. If there is an article or resource you would like to share password protected send it to mayo.fuster(at) and we will make it available under password protection.

Here is your box: Please to visit the wiki and check or complete the information on yourself. Please do this as soon as you can, and before March 5th.

Please let us know if you have any doubts, need technical help, you have suggestions or if we can be of any other help. You can contact us at or in Skype mayoneti

Thank you in advance. Looking very much forward to meeting you here in Harvard and discussing with you all!

Amar Ashar - Berkman center

Laurence Cox - European social movements @ Conference of the European Council of European Studies

Bruce Etling - Berkman center

Rob Faris - Berkman center

Cristina María Flesher Fominaya - European social movements @ Conference of the European Council of European Studies

Mayo Fuster Morell - Berkman center