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    Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Reimerdes 00-9185

    Second Circuit Affirms Decision Against 2600, Nov. 28, 2001

    The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed Judge Kaplan's decision that 2600 Magazine violated the DMCA by posting DeCSS code.
    Opinion available in HTML and PDF.

    Oral Argument May 1, 2001 at 10:00 a.m., Second Circuit, before Circuit Court Judges Newman and Cabranes and District Court Judge Thompson.

  • unofficial transcript and audio recordings

  • Panel Asks Post-Hearing Questions for Parties' Supplemental Briefs, May 8, 2001
  • Appellant 2600's letter brief, May 30, 2001
  • Appellee studios' letter brief, May 30, 2001
    • EFF's Appeal Brief for 2600 Magazine, January 19, 2001
    • Amicus Curiae Briefs in Support of 2600, January 26, 2000
      • ACLU, for American Civil Liberties Union, Digital Future Coalition (DFC), American Library Association (ALA), American Research Libraries (ARL), Music Library Association (MLA)
      • Computer Scientists: Dr. Harold (Hal) Abelson, Dr. Andrew W. Appel, Dr. Dan Boneh, Dr. Edward W. Felten, Dr. Robert Harper, Andy Hertzfeld, Dr. Brian Kernighan, Dr. Marvin Minsky, Dr. James Morris, Dr. P.J. Plauger, Dr. John C. Reynolds, Dr. Ronald Rivest, Dr. Avi Rubin, Dr. Barbara Simons, Dr. Eugene H. Spafford, Richard Stallman, and Dr. David S. Touretzky
      • Profs. Lawrence Lessig and Yochai Benkler
      • Law Professors: Keith Aoki, Ann Bartow, Paul Schiff Berman, Stuart Biegel, Thomas F. Blackwell, James Boyle, Dan L. Burk, Julie E. Cohen, Thomas F. Cotter, Rod Dixon, Eric B. Easton, Michael M. Epstein, Christine Haight Farley, Susanna Frederick Fischer, William W. Fisher III, A. Michael Froomkin, Laura N. Gasaway, Llewellyn Joseph Gibbons, Laurence R. Helfer, Peter Jaszi, Dennis S. Karjala, Raymond Shih Ray Ku, Mary LaFrance, Michael Landau, David Lange, Mark A. Lemley, Joseph P. Liu, Lydia Pallas Loren, Michael J. Madison, Charles R. McManis, Michael J. Meurer, Eben Moglen, Craig Allen Nard, Ruth Gana Okediji, L. Ray Patterson, Mark R. Patterson, Malla Pollack, David G. Post, Margaret Jane Radin, J.H. Reichman, David A. Rice, Michael L. Rustad, David E. Sorkin, John R. Thomas, Sarah K. Wiant, Jonathan L. Zittrain
      • Cryptographers: Dr. Bruce Schneier, Dr. Steven M. Bellovin, Dr. Matt Blaze, Dr. David Wagner, Dr. Dan Boneh, Dr. Ian Goldberg, Dave Del Torto, Frank Andrew Stevenson
      • Journalists and Publishers, Online News Association, Reporters' Committee for Freedom of the Press, Newspaper Association of America, Student Press Law Center, Wired, Pew Center on the States, Silha Center for Media Ethics and Law, College of Communications - CSU, Fullerton
      • Fair Use Interests: Dr. Siva Vaidhyanathan, Mary Wallace Davidson, Ernest Miller, Christina Olson Spiesel
      • ACM Law Committee
      • Arnold Reinhold
    • Government's Intervention Brief, February 20, 2001
    • Appellee Studios' Reply Brief, February 20, 2001
    • Amicus Curiae Briefs in Support of the Studios
      • Industry Organizations: Feb. 27, 2001, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA); American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM); American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA); American Film Marketing Association (AFMA); American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP); Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI); American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP); Association of American Publishers (AAP); Business Software Alliance (BSA); Directors Guild of America, Inc. (DGA); Graphic Artists Guild; Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA); National Association of theater Owners (NATO); National Cable Television Association, Inc. (NCTA); National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); National Football League and National Football League Properties, Inc. (NFL); National Hockey League (NHL); National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA); office of the Commissioner of Baseball; Producers Guild of America (PGA); Professional Photographers of America (PPA); Reed Elsevier, Inc.; Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA); Screen Actors Guild, Inc. (SAG); Software & Information Industry Association (SIAA); and Writers Guild of America, West, Inc. (WGA)
      • DVDCCA, March 13, 2001
      • Four law professors: Rodney A. Smolla, Erwin Chemerinsky, Kenneth L. Karst, Marcy Strauss

    • EFF Reply Brief for Defendants-Appellants, March 19, 2001

    • Oral Argument May 1, 2001, 10:00 a.m. unofficial transcript, Kathleen Sullivan, Dean, Stanford Law School, for 2600 Magazine; Charles Sims, Proskauer Rose, for Universal et al.; Daniel Alter for intervenor U.S. Government.

    • Second Circuit's Order for supplemental letter briefs, May 8, 2001
    • Appellant 2600's letter brief, May 30, 2001
    • Appellee studios' letter brief, May 30, 2001
    • Intervenor United States Government's letter brief, May 30, 2001

    Kaplan Enjoins 2600 from Posting, Linking to DeCSS

    Opinion and Final Judgment (PDFs or HTML)

    New York: Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Reimerdes
    111 F.Supp.2d 294 (S.D.N.Y. 2000), 00 Civ. 00277 (LAK)
    documents | transcripts | news | depositions

    New York document archive: Cryptome | EFF | Filings


    Plaintiffs' Witnesses

    Defendant's Witnesses

    Trial News

    Day 1 -- Monday, July 17: Opening Arguments, Plaintiffs' witness Michael Shamos. [transcript].
    Monday's News Reports: Reuters, Wired News, ZDNet News, New York Times, Industry Standard, Associated Press, Newsday, NPR (audio), USA Today. Photos from Declan McCullagh (more), NY Law Journal, EFF Update.
    NY Linux Users' Group Protest

    Day 2 -- Tuesday, July 18: Defense witness Frank Andrew Stevenson; plaintiffs' witness Robert W. Schumann. [transcript].
    News: Wired News, Salon, Industry Standard, Newsbytes.com, EFF Update.

    Day 3 -- Wednesday, July 19: Plaintiffs' witnesses Marsha King (Time Warner VP) and Franklin Fisher (economist). [transcript].
    News: KCRW (audio), Wired News, Newsday, EFF Update.

    Day 4 -- Thursday, July 20: Defense witness Jon Johansen; plaintiffs' witness Mikhail Reider (MPAA anti-piracy); defense witness Edward Felten; defendant Emmanuel Goldstein. [transcript].
    News: New York Times, Inside.com, Heise (German), EFF Update.

    Day 5 -- Friday, July 21: Defendant Emmanuel Goldstein; defense witnesses Matt Pavlovich, Larry Peterson, Peter Ramadge. [transcript].
    News: Associated Press, Newsday, Arnold Reinhold, The Register, Linuxworld, EFF Update.

    Court Recessed Monday

    Day 6 -- Tuesday, July 25: Defense witnesses Chris DiBona, Andrew Appel, Michael Einhorn, David Touretzky, Ole Craig. Touretzky's DeCSS Gallery was a highlight. [transcript].
    News: NY Times, Associated Press, Policy.com, Industry Standard, CNN.com, EFF Update

    Trial Concluded: brief summary; EFF summary

    Attorneys to submit briefs August 8 addressing (1) the efficacy or futility of an injunction; (2) Summers v. Tice on allocation of the harm among multiple ripper utilities and burden of proof; (3) evidentiary issues on the extent to which Kaplan can conclude from hearsay that decoded DVDs are available over the Internet. Briefs may also include other legal arguments.

    News Analyses:

    Free Speech Rights for Computer Code?, Amy Harmon, New York Times, 7/31
    Fate of Hackers' Hero Now in Judge's Hands, Jeff Howe, Village Voice, 8/2
    Clash Over DVD Control May Shape How You Use Media, Rita Ciolli, Newsday, 7/16
    Sidebars: Jack Valenti, Eric Corley
    DVD Case Will Test Reach of Digital Copyright Law, Carl S. Kaplan, New York Times, 7/14

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