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DMX subscribers include individuals, ISPs, high speed (cable modem, DSL, Wi-Fi) services, universities & colleges, corporations, hotels, governments, unions and trade associations. DMX offers organizational subscribers a litigation-free license for copyright-compliant content.


Individual subscribers can join DMX by:

1. providing their real name, a username, and a password;

2. providing payment information, such as credit card, paypal, bank account, check, or money order;

3. agreeing to abide by the DMX Subscriber Conduct Agreement.

ISPs and Intranets (Cable Modem, DSL, and Wi-Fi)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that also provide content to their subscribers can be DMX aggregator/subscribers. DMX offers high-speed (cable modem and DSL) and WIFI intranet services compelling content at attractive pricing.

Universities and Colleges

DMX offers services to universities, whose students find DMX almost indistinguishable from the illegal P2P service many have been using, except for DMX’s additional added-value services.


DMX offers corporations and governments a pool of legally licensed content, much of which can be freely used in derivative works, such as PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos, and the like.

Subscriber Fees

The DMX service is based on a smorgasbord of “all you can eat for a fixed price", rather than a pay-per-play or pay-per-download model. The DMX service encourages users to try many types and titles of content that they might not otherwise try, if they had to pay for each use.

DMX subscribers will pay monthly fees, either directly as individuals, or indirectly through their internet providers. The fees will be set by the DMX Council and adjusted, from time to time. The Council will take into account such factors as the amount and desirability of DMX content on the service. DMX fees will be lower than conventional commercial service fees, because of its non-profit coop structure.