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Peer to Peer (P2P)

Peer to Peer (P2P) services allow users to send and receive files from other users, without the intervention of a central server. Unlike Client-Server content services, such as iTunes or Rhapsody, DMX's P2P service allows users to exchange media directly with each other. As a result, DMX user experiences will be similar to those with services like the original Grokster, which was not copyright compliant or legal.

Copyright Compliant

DMX respects and complies with all copyright laws. All content in the DMX catalog has been authorized for use within the DMX system by the owners and administrators of the content copyrights.


DMX’s non-profit structure results in lower prices for subscribers and higher payouts to content suppliers. All collected fees (less overhead) are paid to content owners. DMX operations and financial information are completely transparent to both its subscribers and content suppliers.

Cooperative (Coop)

After an initial start-up period, DMX will be governed as a cooperative (coop) of content suppliers and consumers (subscribers). This will assure members of both groups that their interests will be addressed at the highest level of DMX governance. In addition, DMX’s coop structure contributes to building a new type of mixed community, with creators and users at the same table, instead of taking adversarial positions.

No Encryption, No DRM, no TPM

DMX content files are not altered by TPM (technological protection measures) or DRM (digital rights management) systems. This allows any subscriber to make his or her content available as a supplier, without the need for special encoding programs or registrations. Encouraging subscribers to also be content suppliers allows for two-way (symmetrical) commercial arrangements between DMX and its subscribers and suppliers.

Derivative Works

DMX offers financial incentives for content owners to make their works available to DMX subscribers for derivations—new content created from portions of existing works, such as remixes, samples, mashups (content combinations), and the like. DMX will also offer incentives to content owners to permit their audio and video works to be incorporated into others, creating a library of songs and cues that can be used legally in videos, films, PowerPoint presentations and such.