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The governing Council will consist of four elected directors from among DMX content suppliers, four elected directors from among DMX subscribers, four representatives from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and four additional directors, appointed to give the Council the fullest technical, industrial, cultural, and consumer expertise.

Initial Startup Period

During the initial startup period, DMX Founding Directors will goven DMX until the first elections to the DMX Council are held.

Charter and ByLaws

The Charter will contain bylaws pertaining to the Governing Council, elections (notices, nominations, frequency, etc), replacements of directors, required meetings, and other other organizational governance.

The DMX Council has standing committees for:

1. finance;
2. royalty distribution;
3. subscriber fees;
4. strategic planning; and
5. member recruitment (subscribers and content suppliers).

In addition, the DMX Council will have an executive committee comprised of the President (from Berkman Center) plus two vice presidents elected by simple majority from among the Council.

Royalty Distribution Formula

Distribution of payments to content suppliers is based on a formula, set by the DMX Council, that takes into account several content use measurements and payment rationales including:

1. number of downloads;
2. number of plays (experiences);
3. a novelty bonus for recently added works;
4. royalties linked directly to individual subscriber payments and consumption;
5. copies made to fixed and removalble media and devices;
6. availability of works for derivations.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute about the administration or ownership rights to a work, DMX will suspend all payments for the use of such work until:

1. it receives satisfactory documentation supporting the rights ownership or administration; or

2. it receives notification that the dispute has been settled by the parties; or

3. the parties agree to abide by the results of a DMX dispute resolution mechanism.

Privacy Policy

DMX keeps all information about individual DMX subscribers private, including their identities, unless authorized to be shared by an individual subscriber. DMX pricing may allow subscribers to share their identities and media consumption information with commercial entities, in return for a reduction or elimination of their subscriber#subscriber_fees.