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Digital Media Exchange

The Digital Media Exchange (DMX) is a P2P content service, operated as a non-profit cooperative (coop), with subscribers and content suppliers on its governing Council. DMX also provides related services such as searching, recommendations, playlist exchanges, information, blogs, discussion groups, SIGs, and access to merchandise, through its unique user interface.

DMX allows the unlimited exchange (downloading, streaming, and copying) of music, movies, television programs, photos, games, documents, and the spoken word, with no technical protections or DRM constraints. In addition, many DMX content titles allow users to make derivative works from the content. DMX is fully copyright compliant, with oversight by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

DMX collects monthly fees from subscribers or their ISPs, and pays all the income to content suppliers (less admin costs) according to a royalty distribution formula that takes into account the types and amounts of use of each work. DMX respects the privacy of its subscribers, and has dispute resolution procedures to resolve problems when they arise.