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Digital Media in Asia

The rapid expansion of the Internet and digital technologies has created challenges as well as opportunities for copyright owners worldwide. Because of the ease with which these technologies allow media to be copied and disseminated, entertainment and media companies worldwide have struggled to find a balance between protecting their digital content from piracy, on one hand, and taking advantage of digital technologiesí substantial benefits, on the other.

This dilemma is especially acute in Asia, where several countries have historically lax copyright protection, but the adoption rate of Internet and other digital technologies is high. Asiaís rise in economic and political prominence ensures that how Asian nations confront these issues will influence the future of media and entertainment industries worldwide.

The Digital Media in Asia Project, part of the Digital Media Project at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, seeks to research and understand how governments and private business in Asia are responding to the proliferation of digital technologies. The project is particularly focused on how the Internet and digital technologies are shaping copyright law and leading to shifts in entertainment/media business models in Asian countries. The Digital Media in Asia Project plans to draft and publish a white paper on the state of digital media in Asia, supplementing the Digital Media Projectís white paper on Copyright and Digital Media in a Post-Napster World. The project also provides an opportunity to build a community, within Harvard University and internationally, of individuals interested in researching and discussing developments in Asian digital media. To that end, we have established a speaker series (to be webcast) on topics of interest to this community, and maintain the Digital Media in Asia, which covers news items and commentary related to digital media/copyright in Asia.

The Digital Media in Asia Project is organized by Susie Lindsay and Eric Priest.