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Teaching and learning are at the core of our work. Berkman Klein Center faculty and affiliates teach and mentor across the University and beyond the gates of Harvard. Among our key programs is the Cyberlaw Clinic, which has educated hundreds of Harvard Law School students thought real-world opportunities to advise clients on technology-related issues with the guidance of licensed attorneys. We also build platforms to facilitate new ways of learning and open our classrooms to the world.

Examples of our education-related activities include the Digital Literacy Resource Platform (DLRP), an evolving collection of tools in different languages that people can use to learn more about Internet related themes; CopyrightX, a three-pronged initiative that includes a course at Harvard Law School, a popular online course open to the public, and a series of international affiliated courses taught by local copyright experts; the AGTech Forum, a series of workshops that bring together state attorneys general and staff with academics and technologists to discuss emerging issues in technology; and H2O, a platform for organizing, consuming, and sharing electronic textbooks, and course materials. We also contribute to learning and the exchange of ideas through the workshops, events, and talks we host, which bring leading thinkers and practitioners together with our community and the public to discuss challenging topics related to the Internet.

Past efforts have included study groups that are open to the public on topics such as robotics and the ethics of data, Harvard’s Digital Problem Solving Initiative, and iLaw, an early initiative aimed to to offer the public a way to learn about the essential legal, economic, and public interest debates surrounding the Internet and new technologies.

Formal courses are also among Berkman Klein’s educational offerings. Below is a list of BKC-affiliated courses offered at Harvard.

Past Courses

Making Sense: Language, Logic, and Interpretation - Fall 2016

Why is human language capable of conveying meaningful information to a degree unmatched by natural or artificial codes? Why does semantic content spontaneously attach to speech… More

Cyberlaw Clinic Seminar - Fall 2016

This seminar is required for all students enrolled in the Cyberlaw Clinic. The course incorporates instruction about substantive legal issues at the heart of the Clinic's practice… More

Questions of Theory - Fall 2016

The seminar is built around a sequence of fundamental questions regarding the literary disciplines, their history and epistemology. More

Communications and Internet Law and Policy - Fall 2016

The course will provide an introduction and overview to questions of communications and Internet law and policy. More

City Use of Technology - Fall 2016

This is a course surveying the efforts of city officials around the world to work with technology and community partners to solve challenging civic problems. More

Responsive Communities Lab - Fall 2016

The Responsive Communities Lab is designed to give students, both graduate and undergraduate, meaningful opportunities to work on policy papers, research reports, recommendations… More

Intellectual Property Law: Advanced - Fall 2016

This course is intended for students who are already familiar with the main contours of intellectual-property law and would like to explore the subject further. More

Trademark - Fall 2016

This course will examine trademark law and the law of unfair competition in the United States and in other countries. More

Counseling and Legal Strategy in the Digital Age - Fall 2016

This course explores the complex challenges that entrepreneurs, businesses, and other organizations face when trying to address legal issues relating to technology. More

Law and U.S.-China Economic Relations - Fall 2016

This course will examine a series of topics that have been the source of tension between the two largest economies in the world, the United States and China, when it comes to… More

Copyright - Spring 2016

This course will explore copyright law and policy. Approximately two thirds of the class time and readings will be devoted to the American copyright system; the remainder will be… More

Teaching Copyright - Spring 2016

This course is designed for students who are interested in deepening their knowledge of copyright law and gaining experience with law teaching. Each student in the course will be… More

Comparative Online Privacy - Spring 2016

Online privacy has become a major issue for Internet users, technology companies, online business, researchers, and policy-makers around the world, as more and more personal… More

Fair Trial - Spring 2016

We begin with the concept of justice -- both substantive and procedural. We ground our discussions in the The Bill of Rights -- in its concepts of liberty, freedom, public domain,… More

Law and the International Economy - Spring 2016

This course is designed to introduce first-year students to the architecture of the international economic law system. Its emphasis is on elements of international law that affect… More

Cyberlaw Clinic - Spring 2016

The Cyberlaw Clinic, based at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, engages Harvard Law School students in a wide range of real-world client counseling, licensing and… More

International Trade Law - Spring 2016

This course focuses on the law governing international trade as established by the World Trade Organization. It engages in an in-depth analysis of WTO rules and case law. The… More

Cyberlaw Clinic Seminar - Spring 2016

This seminar is required for all students enrolled in the Cyberlaw Clinic. The course incorporates instruction about substantive legal issues at the heart of the Clinics practice,… More

Torts - Spring 2016

This course explores the American law of torts -- the circumstances and theories under which people owe others money for wrongs they commit -- principally as a vehicle for… More

Music and Digital Media - Spring 2016

This course explores a variety of legal issues relating to the creation, exploitation, and protection of music and other content. The seminar focuses on traditional legal regimes… More